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Artist Spotlight: Meet The Rising Pop Singer-Songwriter Anna Duboc

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Thirteen-year-old Anna Duboc has carried a flame for the arts since childhood. Gracing the stage at the young age of five, Anna Duboc has continued to bring her harmonious melodies to stages around the country. As we heard on her latest single “Blamed it on Me,” Anna’s voice soars over the soundscape in her soulful display of balladry and lyric delivery. Her musical inspiration comes from a wide range of artists including, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Adele, and Amy Winehouse, while also relying on her mother’s professional songwriting career to educate on vocal techniques and music production. Anna Duboc writes from a personal place using her music to express emotions and center herself. Anna Duboc continues to explore her music abilities, having mastered the piano, Anna is now learning to master the guitar, pairing them to her soulful voice. Growing up in a house that was a “recording studio,” Anna already possesses an advanced level of comfort in expressing herself through song. We cannot wait to hear what project Anna Duboc releases next.

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