Anna Duboc
World wise beyond her 14 years and more powerfully in touch with her deeper, darker emotions than most singer-songwriters twice her age, fast emerging indie pop artist Anna (pronounced AH-na) Duboc makes an impactful, definitive statement about her ever-evolving artistry as she gears up to release her highly anticipated first tracks since the fall of 2020.

“I am usually very open about my emotions, though I don’t go into great detail about my personal life on my social media platforms,” says Anna. “If I can write, sing and produce songs that can connect with what other people are feeling and help them through their difficult times of anger sadness or confusion, that’s more important to me than worrying about my personal vulnerability.”

“flowers and graves,” the first lead single from Anna’s upcoming debut EP, is a compelling, intensely visceral acoustic guitar driven song spotlighting her soulful, dusky lead vocals – and enhanced by her artful vocal arrangement whose intricate textures create a swelling choir effect. The track was co-produced by Anna and Carol Duboc and features Gary Novak on drums and Eugene Maltseve on acoustic guitar.

Having sung with everyone from Katy Perry and Andrea Bocelli to Kenny Loggins and performed with her middle school choir at Carnegie Hall, the multi-talented singer/songwriter is quickly emerging as a powerful, eloquent and inspirational voice of her generation and beyond. Over the past few years, she has released a series of popular singles and live performance piano and voice videos that have earned her thousands of streams and an incredible total of over 10 million views on YouTube, with over 27,000 subscribers to her page. She currently has 18,000 followers on Instagram and 44,000 on TikTok.

Anna launched her recording career in 2019 with her debut singles “Feel the Glow” and “Stay” (a duet with Disney star Dakota Lotus). In 2020, she dropped a total of five singles, the self-penned “Yellow Car,” “Lonely,” “Blamed It On Me” (featuring #1 Billboard charting jazz guitarist Adam Hawley) and “Ballad” and fresh re-imaginings of Billie Eilish’s “I Love You” and Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold.” One of her most popular videos (1.7M views) is a cover of “Break My Heart Again,” originally written and released by Eilish’s brother and producer Finneas.

Written last fall during the heart of the pandemic lockdown, “flowers and graves” reflects what Anna calls “multiple bad episodes, really bad days, in a row, where I was creating the poetic and metaphoric images in my brain as a coping mechanism. In my imagination, II found myself sitting in a cemetery filled with roses and sunshine, contemplating loss, isolation and the pain that comes from deep losses. I honestly have no idea where the initial images of the flowers came from but I wrote them during one of those difficult episodes. COVID hit my age group hard because we’re already going through puberty and dealing with hormonal changes and then this hits and all the distractions that keep us from facing the difficult realities of life were suddenly gone.”

Tapping into this well of reflection, she sings: “A cold cement corner is my happy place/The roses outside are bloody mess/But I feel at peace with the beauty they’re blessed…” Though now we’re all collectively in a slightly more hopeful place as the pandemic winds down, we can certainly all connect our own challenging and perhaps traumatic experiences of the past year to Anna’s searing lyrics: “Cause I don’t wanna die/But I don’t want to cry anymore/I’ll miss the pretty sunsets/And my best friend laughing on the floor.” In the chorus, she’s pleading with herself for escape from the mental and emotional roadblocks: “Can I get out of these flowers and graves/And can I get out of this cold dark place/It shouldn’t be happy to sit in a corner/And scream till you can’t and the world starts over…”

Having come from a highly artistic family, Anna has been singing, dancing, and performing on stage since she was four years old. Her mother Carol has penned hits for Patti Labelle, Tom Jones, and others and has hit the charts with numerous jazz albums over the past 18 years. While one of Anna’s great grandmothers was a prima ballerina, the other was a concert pianist. Her great grandfather was an opera singer. From ages 4 to 7, Anna sang “Yesterday” so often that her tennis coach nicknamed her after the Beatles classic. Influenced by everyone from Queen to Ariana Grande and Rihanna and more recently Billie Eilish, Anna began writing songs in the third grade and created a CD of her music for a school assignment.
Anna’s musical theater resume is off the charts as well. Her theatre school, the Adderley School for Performing Arts, has been the home of Jack Dylan Grazer (from Stephen King’s “It” and “Shazam”), Dakota Lotus (from Disney’s “Coop and Cami”), and Golden Globe winner Ben Platt (from “The Book of Mormon,” “Pitch Perfect,” “Dear Evan Hansen”). Anna performed the lead role in “Anything Goes,” her first musical, at age 5 with Grazer and as Penny in “Hairspray” with Lotus. Other shows she has starred in include “West Side Story,” “Les Miserable,” “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” and “Ruthless.”

Anna has also enjoyed being a member of the MnR Dance Team, a competitive group that competes throughout Southern California and performs for local children’s charities. After winning the combination dance and singing solo competition, Anna was asked to sing the solo at Staples Center in front of Shaquille O’Neal and the L.A. Clippers. In August 2019, she performed numerous solos in the “Footloose” revival concert with Kenny Loggins and his band to an awestruck crowd.

“Between a difficult breakup and the lockdown, I’ve been on a major emotional roller coaster this past year – which hasn’t been easy personally but has actually been great creatively for my songwriting and musical expression. The songs I have been writing all reflect this journey of dealing with both these issues and having other things thrown at me in the middle of the pain and suffering. I’m excited to share them because if they’ve been cathartic and healing for me, I know they will be equally meaningful for others.”