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New Scene Magazine: Singer/Songwriter Anna Duboc

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Anna is back and better than ever!

With over half a Million streams on just Spotify alone, Anna Duboc is making her music heard. Today, she released a brand-new single entitled ‘Mystery Lady’.

We had the amazing honor of talking with Anna about her songwriting process for this song, recent concerts she’s been to, and more!

The last time we spoke with you was back in August of last year (We are so proud of your growth!). How have you been since then? 

A: “Thank you! Things are better. I am a sophomore in high school, and I like academics, so I am very busy doing AP classes. As a songwriter, I’m always learning more about using metaphors and writing lyrics that convey feelings in a concise way and when it comes to producing, I have more of a vision for how I want myself and the songs to sound than ever before.”

Tell us more about your amazing new single ‘Mystery Lady’. 

A: “I have had this title for a while and when we developed the track it just seemed right for it. It is about a lady that is not always easy to read or understand. She has a mysterious side and I am daring someone to be with her.”

What was the songwriting process behind the song?

A: “I worked with a producer who I really work well with. I had an idea of a vibe and we just kind of wrote the music together in the studio. I came up with the chorus and melody then worked on the story for the verses. Writing and recording the lead took about 4 hours honestly. Matias and I work well together.”

These past few weeks you’ve seen Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and Khalid perform! What were those experiences like? Would you ever want to go on tour?

A: “Those concerts were really fun. I love the music. At Billie’s I was on the floor close to stage, which is the first time I’ve ever been that close and it was so fun. She is a really good performer. As far as me going on tour, I’m not sure yet. I love to perform for a live audience. I think it would be amazing to travel and be able to perform in different cities and countries, but for now I want to stay in school.”

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