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At just 14 years old, Anna Duboc is a gifted artist, with a beautiful voice and powerful presence. Anna’s been performing since the age of 5 and has a natural aptitude for music as she composes and produces her own music. She’s sung with everyone from Katy Perry to Kenny Loggins, and her most recent single, “Flowers and Graves,” is directed by Megan Thompson (Billie Eilish).

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What is your earliest memory of music?

Being 5, in The Wizard of Oz musical and just having so much fun on stage.

Where are you from and How did your childhood influence your career choice?

Los Angeles. My mom is a producer and vocal engineer, so this was a natural choice for me.

Between dancing, theatre, and your music career, how do you find time for school and family life?

I prefer to be in school, rather than homeschooled so I fit music around that schedule.

What does your creative process look like? Are you jotting down song lyrics at random times or do you sit down and complete a full song?

That all depends on how inspired I’m feeling. Sometimes I jot down ideas, but other times I can sit down and write an entire song.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Celebrity-wise, Ariana Grande. She is so talented and she seems like such a good person. My mom is my biggest inspiration, as she’s influenced my music in so many ways.

What would your plan B look like if it weren’t for music?

A behavior analyst in the FBI. First, I would study criminology and get my law degree.

Can you share four facts with our readers?

I love Taco Bell. I’m a huge Marvel fan. I’ve been in 21 musicals so far. I’m an only child.

Catch up with Anna – @annaduboc

Photo credits to Ben Cope

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