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Buzz: Anna Duboc Seeks A Love She Could Die For In “Poetry”

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Will she be able to find that special someone?

As part of a new, exciting generation that’s been taking the music scene by storm, Anna Duboc has established herself as a premier talent even amongst a music scene that is more competitive than ever.

Having caught the hearts and ears of the public with breathtaking releases like “The Great Escape,” she continues to shine brighter than ever before. Still just seventeen years old, this rising star’s potential is truly off the charts, and as she continues to impress, we can’t wait to see how far she will grow.

Having also enjoyed success with her popular YouTube videos, it’s clear that Duboc’s artistic talents are as versatile as impressive.

She’s managed the impressive distinction of tasting success with different artistic mediums, which has become increasingly difficult to achieve in the current landscape of music today.

Having wowed crowds with cross-genre performances in tandem with titans of the scene like Katy Perry, Kenny Loggins, and Andrea Bocelli, it’s clear that Duboc has also been acknowledged by her peers in the industry. Captivating and stunning but always humble, it’s impossible not to root for Duboc’s success.

Continuing the momentum she had when we last saw her on “The Great Escape,” Duboc impresses again with “Poetry.” Once again, this release has a dreamy and warm acoustic-indie feel and graceful and gentle guitar and piano instrumentals beautifully set the stage for Duboc’s vocal performance.

As the song begins, she sings, “There’s a whole world, sitting right there on the shelf,” tenderly imagining the world of romantic possibilities. Lyrics like “Living in danger of falling till I can’t catch myself / but could it be that he catches me” show that Duboc is aware that romance has its pitfalls, but ultimately, it’s okay; she’s a romantic at heart and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anna Duboc’s latest release, “Poetry,” is a warm, heartfelt release that will find a home in all the romantics’ playlists. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Anna Duboc’s “Poetry,” out now on all majour streaming platforms.

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