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BUZZ: From A Place Of Peace And Serenity, We Fly With Anna Duboc To “ The Great Escape”

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The incredibly talented and multi-hyphenate artist Anna Duboc delivers her newest single, “The Great Escape,” transporting us to a place of peace, solitude, and emotion.

Anna is unlike anyone we’ve seen in the industry. Being only 16 years old, Anna Duboc has many talents, including singing, songwriting, dancing, and performing. The talent of hers we connect with the most is the capacity to create true, raw connections with everyone who listens to her, and that is the magic that she creates with her music and her soothing lyrics.

Don’t be mistaken. Not everything is pink and pretty in her world, let alone our world. But for Anna, that’s fine. She is capable of transforming and narrating sad, unhappy situations and letting us know that everything will eventually be just fine. Her lyrics are so relatable, so true to the heart, that she ends up hugging you in every word.

“The Great Escape” is yet another of her astonishing pieces. Filled by the desire and yearning for a change, more specifically, an escape, as the title alludes to. Haven’t you ever felt the desire to just leave it all, all the pain, the memories, the hurtful situations, and go for something different?

We’ve heard that traveling and meeting the world can really heal you, allow you to let go of things and people you never thought you could, and test your strength at an unimaginable capacity.

Anna really does transport us to a place of peace and quiet for the soul, motivating us to look for any necessary changes that will make our day-to-day better, more harmonious, and soothing.

We just want to stay close to her and her music. We hope you do, too; make sure to listen to “The Great Escape” and more of her amazing content on all streaming and social media platforms.

How do you manage to be successful in all the activities you are currently doing? even in school? We heard you’re great in calculus.

Thank you! It’s not that easy, but school is not stressful for me for some reason. I like learning, and I love doing music, so it just works itself out, I guess.

What is the feeling that you want to transmit to your listeners with “The Great Escape”?

The feeling of being in a place that brings you peace or joy, the feeling of being free of the weight on your shoulders.

Have you ever had a “great escape,” or do you plan on having one any time soon?

The song was actually inspired by my trip to France earlier this year. I just felt like all my worries were thousands of miles away, and I could just feel free, especially when I was in a more countryside area like Monet’s Garden.

What advice would you give to any of your listeners who might be in a dark place right now?

I would say take it one day at a time. Hold on because you will get stronger. It just takes time. The more you go through, the easier it gets and the more you learn how to enjoy life.

What are you most excited about for the near future/what should we look out for?

I am really excited to perform in Chicago with my theater program. The same program Ben Platt went to and mentioned in the New York Times recently. 🙂 I love performing on stage.

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