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JAMOMAG: Anna Duboc on New Single “Running” and Its Revolutionary Transparency

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Anna Duboc has been a star in the making for quite some time. With a knack for balancing several artistic skills at once, the 16-year-old got her start at a very young age, captivating teenagers with her ability to convey deeper, darker emotions through her music. As of today, Her new single “Running” has gained upwards of 1.3m views on TikTok after being shared by a wide range of influencers. On TikTok, the video teaser for the second single dropped on Sept. 9 and has already been viewed 157,000 times.

There is no doubt that Anna’s music career will flourish with more inspiring songs. “I have mostly worked with my mom since I was young, I just recently have been doing more vocal training with other professionals. With my mom being a singer/songwriter/vocal engineer etc, she helped a lot with getting into the business and pursuing music. Running is really about trying to get away from your past or your fears conveyed through a metaphor of running away from something evil chasing you.” Says Anna about the music background and the New single “Running.”

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