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Photobook: Anna Duboc

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Anna Duboc, an emerging singer, songwriter, and producer, attended Adderley School, a musical theatre academy, where she honed her talents as a performer. Using her skills, she has performed with artists such as Katy Perry, Kenny Loggins, and Andrea Bocelli. With more than 41 million streams on all platforms, she is best known for her singles “Sinking Feeling,” “I love you,” “Mystery Lady,” and “Plot Twist.” You can anticipate her new single “First Love,” premiering May 26 on all streaming platforms.

Who was your biggest role model growing up?
Probably my mom. She got me interested in music and has taught me a lot about the industry and writing songs/producing in general.

What inspired you to become a singer?
I’ve been singing my whole life, whether it was in a musical or just in my room as a kid singing whatever my favorite song was at the time. I don’t really know if I’ve intentionally “decided” to be a singer, it’s just where my path is taking me right now.

What skills did you learn at Adderley School?
I’ve learned how to work with others as well as become a better listener. Being at Adderley was a great demonstration of what working on a mini-Broadway would almost be like, it’s been a really beneficial thing to be a part of.

What was it like working with stars like Katy Perry, Kenny Loggins, and Andrea Bocelli?
It was insane working with such icons, singing behind Andrea Bocelli and Katy Perry. These are definitely core memories for me. Working with Kenny had the most impact on me because we had personal conversations, and I worked with him one on one. Kenny told me to trust myself when it comes to singing a hard note or recording/performing something difficult. That’s a piece of advice I take with me whenever I do anything.

How do you prepare for performances?
I drink a lot of water and practice for a while before performing. Also, no dairy foods.

What inspires your songwriting?
I usually write from personal experiences, but I draw a lot from my friends or whatever’s happening around me. I mostly write about mental health or relationship issues because I have a lot to write about when it comes to those subjects.

Tell us about your new single “First Love?”
“First Love” is about something/someone you have no feelings for anymore, but for some reason, they are always in the back of your mind, whether you see them somewhere or it’s just a random thought.For me, it was my first love that wouldn’t get out of my head.

What was it like collaborating with Matias Mora for the production?
Working with Matias is always such a great experience. We have a great working chemistry and they always encourage my writing with a beautiful production, so it was very fun to work with them again.

What can fans expect from the music video of “First Love?”
Expect to see a familiar face to be in it, if you’ve seen my other video “Promises from Hell” you’ll know who else stars in it. The video is set in a 50’s/60’s theme and portrays my “first love” almost as a ghost who is haunting me; I always feel him but can never see him.

You’re attending the 30-year celebration for Adderley School with stars James Corden, Ben Platt, and Kenny Loggins. What can we expect to see from you there?
I will be singing “Let’s Hear It For The Boy,” from “Footloose,” which is a number I performed at a concert version of “Footloose” with Kenny back in 2019.

Are there any upcoming projects you’re working on that fans can look forward to?
I’m doing a few performances in the summer as well as doing some more writing.

What are your future goals for your music?
I don’t know what my future goals are, I would love to do some bigger shows, but right now I’m just taking it day by day since I’m still in high school.

Where do you hope to see yourself within the next five years?
I would like to go to college, so in five years I hope I’m at a good college studying whatever I decide to major in.

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